The dance that floats on checkered floors wrapped in atmospheres of magical passions
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Santiago de Cali
A city forged in the heat of its stories
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Santiago de Cali is a city full of experiences that float in magical and multicolored settings, surrounded by the flavors of ancestral cultures mixed with the stories of people from other lands.

Come and experience the culture, biodiversity, gastronomy, and the universe of music and dance that enrich the unique history of the branch of heaven.

What to do in Cali?

A universe of possibilities awaits you in Cali. Nature, culture, sports, and health intertwine to take you to places, landscapes, flavors, and aromas that will captivate your deepest thoughts, emotions, and senses. Be amazed by what the capital of Valle del Cauca has to offer. Plan your stay in the city with our one, three, five, or seven-day itineraries and don’t miss a minute of magical experiences.


Cali tastes like Pacific delights that magically blend with international flavors from distant lands, undoubtedly satisfying the most discerning palates.

What's happening in Cali?

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Cali is a beautiful mix of culture, history, nature, and salsa.
Through our tourist routes and supported by Google Maps, we will take you to discover a Cali full of stories and experiences to tell.


Get excited and share your experience in the branch of heaven and show us how you carry our Cali in your heart!